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6 Best Thai Dating Sites & Apps in 2019

The South-East Asian country, Thailand, is a popular holiday destination. Whether you are looking for pristine beaches with clear blue waters, great seafood, or luxurious stays at world-class resorts, you will find all of it here. The ability to travel, stay, and eat at a shoestring budget makes it a backpacker’s dream destination.

But there’s more to Thailand than beautiful beaches. Namely, Thai girls have become very popular among foreign men, given their uniquely sharp features, polite nature, and loyalty.

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If you have a Thai trip coming up and would want to do some groundwork to get a beautiful Thai woman to date as soon as you land, we have you covered – read on!

Top 6 Thai Dating Websites

Thailand has kept up with the rest of the world when it comes to technology adoption. It means you can start with your groundwork weeks before landing there. The online dating scene has grown exponentially over the years and continues to explode. That is both good and bad, as you have more choices but you need to do some research to filter out the best ones so that your efforts don’t go waste (or worse, land you in trouble!).

If you are willing to put in the hard work patiently, here are the top-rated Thai dating sites with a high chance of finding you a match.

Thai Friendly – Millions of Profiles

thai friendly

Thai Friendly has over a million profiles, with more than a thousand new ones being created daily. And that’s how it separates itself from the rest.

You will find many university girls who are staying away from their cities and are looking to have some fun. The site might not be ideal for you if you are looking to find a mature woman to settle down with though.

The website allows free registration and does not pester you for a paid membership. Free membership can get the job done if you have the patience to communicate over longer letters rather than instant messaging.

The paid monthly plans start at $24.95 a month and get progressively cheaper. It is a good deal as you get the live chat feature.

Find Mate – Asian Dating App

find mate

Find Mate is an app-based dating platform in Asia. It is trendy, especially in the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. It lets you test the waters without actually logging in. Though the user base of about 300,000 is not the largest, its popularity makes it worth a try.

Signing up is simple and free. The app has a freemium model, where you cannot exchange messages without an upgrade. Interestingly, there is another way to upgrade other than the $24.95 monthly fee. Just refer three of your friends to the site, and you get free membership.

Thai Cupid – Thousands of Matches


Cupid Media has thankfully established its foot in Thailand. It is by far the most popular Thai dating site with genuine profiles and many active users. The usual age filter of active members in the 18-36 age bracket will give you thousands of matches.

The registration process is buttery smooth – an absolute requirement for a dating site. If you do not want to make your fingers work by keying in essential details, they also have a “Login with Facebook” option. Once logged in, you can get started by providing an essential bio of yours – you can always come back to complete the rest of the profile.

You can choose from the following membership levels:

  1. Standard – This is a free membership that allows you to search users and express your interest to the chosen ones. If your interest is a paid member, you can even exchange messages.
  2. Gold – Gold members experience ad-free browsing. They can also communicate through instant messaging and video calls. Monthly plans start at $34.99 that progressively get cheaper as you opt for long-term plans.
  3. Platinum – Gold features + profile highlighting, advanced filters for search, and better matching algorithms. Starting just $4 above the Gold membership, the ability to interact over the video with your potential date is an option worth considering.

If you had some money and you want the maximum bang for it by spending on only one site, we would recommend the Gold membership.

Date in Asia – Free Asian Dating Site

date in asia

Date in Asia is a free Thai dating site with a large user base, probably the biggest in Thailand.

The user interface is relatively simple, and signing up is straightforward. It also has a mobile app that keeps you connected on the move. However, given the free nature of the website, you will have to do extra work to filter out suitable profiles. Another thing to remember is that your interests may not get reciprocated soon enough, and it can sometimes be frustrating.

The free nature of this website brings a lot of inherent negatives with it as well:

  • Despite there being over a million registered users, you will find many inactive profiles.
  • Be careful of the con artists and ladyboys, especially if they sound too easy to get. You might be in for a rude shock as there are many looking to make some easy money.

Probably the most unique feature of the site is that there is nothing unique about it – it just gives you a platform to find a date.

Asian Dating – Many Successful Stories

asian dating

Another best Thai dating site is Asian Dating, owned by the global giant Cupid Media network. The site has over 2.5 million registered users and has been operational for nearly two decades. There are many successful love stories to take inspiration from!

Just like other websites of the network, Asian Dating is reasonably easy to register and does not ask for your credit card details to get started. You can also use your Facebook account to log in. The profile creation part is similar to other websites, where you let other users know about your preferences and the traits you are looking for in a date.

You can either browse through the suggested profiles, one user at a time. Though time-consuming, it lets you move at your own pace. Most users prefer using the search option, where you can set your conditions (age, location, education, smoking and drinking habits, ethnicity, religion, etc.). It saves you time and is a quick way to filter out the most relevant profiles.

Asian Date – High-Quality Profiles

asian date

Asian Date is another matchmaking platform with a vast number of Thai women. Signing up is smooth, as they do not need you to type out your bio before you can take a look around the site. Keeping up with the popular trend, they have enabled Google based login to let you in quickly too. Uniquely enough, the site only allows “men seeking women” to sign up!

Once you log in, you will see drop-dead gorgeous women (better looking than those on other competing websites) and a flurry of pop-up chat messages!

Before your testosterone levels hit the skies, be informed that these precise factors have led some to believe that it is a fake site, full of scam profiles. Some people suspect that the messages you get are sent by bots (and some have tested this by listing absurd info on their bio and they still drew interest). That said, there are definitely real profiles in the mix as well.

Just exercise caution when contacting someone through the site and always make decisions with your head, not your heart! Make sure to read these tips for staying safe when online dating first.

What are Thai Women Like?

beautiful thai to date

Thai people are very different compared to European and American natives, and the same goes for Thai women. You are set to be disappointed if you try approaching them with a generic game plan. It is best to learn about their personality, appearance, and culture before meeting them.

Here is a primer on Thai girls:


Looks matter, especially when you are looking for short term company on a fun trip. And Thailand has some distinctively beautiful girls.

Their features are unique to the Asian continent, especially the south-eastern part. Even with the same baseline features, Thai girls have various skin and body types.

Thai women are known to be conscious of maintaining their skin, hair, and overall health. You would struggle to find overweight or plump girls in Thailand, thanks to a lot of boiled food and little to no McDonald’s. They would go any lengths to make sure their hair and skin are perfect – the primary reason you see many of them as shampoo models.

Their appearance is nicely rounded up with a charismatic yet mysterious smile. That makes the ladies the perfect package for men looking for beautiful women with class.


Thailand is called the “Land of Smiles.” People are usually polite and girls, more so. They are raised to be compassionate and considerate. Even walking around the house should be a quiet affair, with minimal distraction to the rest of the family. You would find them very easy to approach.

They are also shy by nature, though. Therefore, don’t form a wrong impression if you try talking to a Thai girl, and she doesn’t respond in the friendliest manner.

Relationship Dynamics

In a relationship, they would happily take on the homemaker’s role. If she is from a humble background, you will have to be the family’s breadwinner. They would find it difficult to travel with you back to your country and adjust to a new culture. Social media and instant communication are changing all that, though.

Family Values

Thai people are raised in very closely-knit families with a lot of affection and respect. You won’t find the ladies assertive. It is common to see three or even four generations staying in the same home with limited space without complaining.

As they grow older, they step up to take care of the elderly – both their education system and religion teach this sense of gratitude. Children and elders are celebrated alike.

Thai women may appear to be very soft and submissive. But when it comes to dating or marriage, they would set up the highest parameters of loyalty and values in choosing a partner.

Introducing a man to the family is a big step for them, with an unstated intent of marriage. They would do everything possible to keep their man happy and expect the same. If you are loyal, polite, and respectful, you will have the happiest relationship.

Tips for Dating Thai Girls Online

Now that you have a background about the best Thai dating websites and Thai girls, it’s time to get started. Online dating is attractive, but it requires patience.

Here are a few tips you can use to get the best out of it:

  • Start early – Get your online dating game started at least a month before the trip. You will learn a lot with time and will likely have a few numbers handy by the time you land. Set up your best online dating profile.
  • Persevere – Unlike the developed world, dating is still an emerging concept in Asia, and women need time to trust you. Do not be disappointed if the responses don’t come flooding in. Keep going.
  • Go for the sky – No matter how much out of your league the girls appear, go for them. There is no harm in aiming high.
  • Crisp, short communication – Nobody likes to read novels. Just keep things casual, brief, and relevant. Strike the right balance between talking too much and too less.

Online dating is a trial and error game. Do not be disheartened if you bump into a few fake profiles or gold diggers on the way – they are everywhere in the world! Most Thai women are very polite, friendly, and passionate though. Keep your focus, and you will have the most fun-filled trips!

The Thai Stereotypes

There are many stereotypes associated with the Thai people. Most of them have carried on for decades. They emanate from the pre-internet era when the world wasn’t as connected. Also, Chinese whispers syndrome ruled the roost when talking about unseen, faraway lands such as Thailand.

In this section, we bust a few stereotypes so that you get to enjoy the country from an unbiased perspective.

  • Thais are not poor – Thailand is a developing country, and many of its economic indicators testify it. Automobiles, banking, electronics, and tourism are the major GDP contributors.
  • People do not ride elephants to commute – Thai people are very ambitious, and they work hard to achieve their goals. The explosion of its middle class and congestion of city road by malls and cars is a testimony that it is just like any other developing country.
  • Bangkok is NOT only about sex tourism – Bangkok used to be Thailand’s version of Vegas in the past, but that has changed. It is a global city with the corporate presence of multi-national organizations and a happening nightlife.
  • There is more to Lady-boys than sex – Ladyboys (kathoyes) used to work in sex and associated industries a few decades ago. Now, not only the poor but those from middle-class families also happily transform themselves into ladyboys, get conventional degrees, and form a part of the workforce.
  • All Thai food is not spicy – Bangkok and Pattaya, the most famous tourist attractions, offers cuisines from all over the world. Italian and Japanese restaurants are a hit. Even the authentic Thai cuisine has non-spicy, options such as soups, Pad Thai (fried noodles), Khao Pad, etc.
  • You can eat without chopsticks – Asians do like to have their noodles with chopsticks, and that is just about that in Thailand. Usual cutlery items like spoons and forks are abundantly used.
  • Not all brands are fake – If you are street-shopping and find Steven Madden or Chanel stuff selling by the dozens on footpaths, they are fake. However, if you want genuine stuff, you can always head out to the upmarket malls and brand stores.
  • Don’t bargain for everything – Asking lod dai mai (May I have a discount) is common but do not haggle with everyone. Negotiating that replica Rolex for a tenth of the quoted price which is already very cheap is not going to help!



Markus is the editor-in-chief of DatingInspector.com. He first tried online dating in the 90’s and now has more than 20 years of dating and relationship experience with women from all over the world. After so many years on the online dating scene, he decided to help other men find casual dates or true love online by sharing his best dating tips.

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