Estonia is one of Northern Europe’s most enchanting nations. With its rich history, interesting culture and diverse geography, it is safe to say that it is a country worthy of a spot on every person’s travel bucket list.

The beautiful landscapes and unique animals are not all that this country has to offer. It also happens to be home to some of the most beautiful women not only in the region but in the world!

So what is it that makes Estonian women so special?

Is it just their looks?

Is there anything more?

Do Estonian women like American men?

Here is all that you need to know about dating Estonian girls.

Why are Estonian women so special?

Blonde Estonian Girl

Well, the answer is simple; they are devastatingly gorgeous.

For the most part, there is a pretty similar look to most of the women there. They are almost always tall leggy blondes with beautiful blue eyes. Despite this similarity though, they all seem to carry some unique characteristics that make every single Estonian girl a one of a kind gem.

While this aesthetic is what you will come across more frequently, women of Estonia have a lot more to offer.

Some women have darker features including brown eyes and brunette locks. This is particularly the case with Estonian ladies who have eastern European roots, like the Latvian women.

All in all, whether blonde or brunette, blue or brown eyed, slender or curvy, these women are undeniably beautiful.

What do Estonian girls look like?

Well, for one, these women are living goddesses with their ethereal beauty! But there is so much more to them than their luscious locks and enchanting eyes.

Here are a few Estonian women characteristics that you should know if you intend to date one of them.

1. They are introverted…

Estonian women are known for being very reserved.

They pretty much always keep to themselves with small circles of very close friends and family. They are also very observant and intuitive whether it is in official, social or even romantic settings.

So watch what you say and how you act around them. They are taking in every tiny detail.

2. … But they are not shy

Despite their reserved nature, Estonian women are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. They can be quite fiery and formidable especially when it comes to things they are passionate about.

So do not mistake their silence for weakness.

3. Estonian women value their traditions

Estonia is a country where culture and tradition are national treasures. From routine festivals to subtle rules on social conduct, the women really respect their roots. This is particularly useful information to have when dating an Estonian as there is a lot they will not compromise on.

4. They are very nurturing

Estonians are real home keepers. If you happen to meet a very traditional girl from Estonia, she will go all the way with the cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the home. That’s the Estonian mentality.

However, in the era of enlightenment and women empowerment, homebodies and homemakers are not that easy to come by anymore. That doesn’t mean their nurturing nature is lost though – whatever their career, you are still highly likely to go home to a nice hot meal.

5. They keep their morals and standards high

These women have a very impressive amount of self-esteem and value. They respect themselves and their bodies and therefore hold every man and relationship to very high standards. So no, it is not likely that you will get a one night stand or bedroom time on the first date. You have to earn it.

What are Estonian women looking for when dating a man?

A man that knows what he wants

For an Estonian woman, dating is not just for fun.

It is not a game.

She won’t jump your bones on the first day and demand a ring. However, she will want some sense of security and assuredness that you are serious about making the relationship work.

A man who takes initiative

With their introverted ways and their traditional beliefs, it is not likely for an Estonian woman to make the first move. This means that you have to put your big boy pants on and initiate. Strike up a conversation, ask for her number and ask her out on a date. It is truly the fastest way into her heart.

A man who respects her decisions

These women are quiet, but they do not like to be pushed around. So if your girl says no then do not push it. If she sets her mind on a project or goal, then get behind her.

Disrespecting her and disregarding her decisions will do you no good.

A man who takes grooming and hygiene seriously

This might seem pretty simple, but it is a big deal for these Estonian ladies. They want a man who not only looks good but also smells good and actively takes care of himself.

So take a shower, get a haircut and maybe put on some cologne before going on that date.

A man with a creative side

This is not a must-have, but it will definitely earn you points with these European beauties. They value a man who has more to offer than just looks and talent is definitely high up on their ideal bonuses. Whether you paint, sing or play an instrument, it is going to increase your chances of impressing her.

Where and how to meet Estonian brides?

Are you impressed yet?


You are probably wondering where you can run into one of them then!

Well, there are generally two ways to meet Estonian women safely and successfully:

So let’s go, how to find a woman in Estonia?

Visit Estonia

The first is by actually visiting the country and interacting with them one-on-one. With all that Estonia has to offer, this is not such a bad idea. You get to meet the Estonian girl of your dreams while also checking off some items on your bucket list.

Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

You could meet them in Tallinn which is the capital and party city where the nightlife happens. Or you head to Tartu, the student town. That’s the best way to get laid in Estonia.

Register to a dating site

The second way is by using online dating websites. Niche platforms for Northern Europe and Estonia, in particular, would be ideal to narrow down your search.

There are a few dating apps in Estonia with genuine brides. It’s just as important to find a site that takes your security as a high priority. A great option here would be a site like Baltic Cupid. They have lots of profiles of beautiful Estonian single women and other Baltic women open to dating and maybe even settling down with foreigners for mariage.

You can try your chance on alternatives such as Tinder or okCupid.

Tips for successfully dating an Estonian

Be yourself all the time

With their intuitive natures, they can see right through any façade you put. If for any reason she feels like you are faking it she will most likely get turned off and lose interest. 

Go all out with the romantic gestures

Estonian girls love a sappy move, like Lithuanian women. Whether it is flowers, a random text declaring your love or a fancy dinner, it will definitely make her happy. So do not hold back.

Appreciate and show interest in her culture

Estonian brides are very loyal to their country and their culture. If you want her truly interested, then you will have to get in on this vibe. Show her your interest, and it will go a long way.

Be patient as she warms up to you

Do not mistake her being quiet and distant in the early stages as her being disinterested. These women know what they want, and if she wants out, she will leave. So as long as she keeps saying yes to your date invites be patient. She will warm up and eventually open up to you.

Bring your appetite with you, always

These women love to cook and spoil their partners. So you better go for every indoor at-home date with an empty stomach! Whether it is their jam-filled porridge of buttermilk delicacies, you can rest assured you are in for a treat.

Never stop putting in the effort

Just because you have her attention and interest, it does not mean that you can stop trying. With these women, you need to continue putting consistent effort to keep them interested. The good thing is that they are not high maintenance. Just simple sweet gestures and continued initiative should do the trick.

Who are the most beautiful Estonian women?

Beautiful Estonian women are available in plenty. However, there are a few who stand out for their great works and influence both in the country and in the world, showing that these girls are more than just pretty faces.

From Estonian models to music DJ, here are six great examples.

Maria Minerva

Maria Minerva Estonian artist

She is an award-winning Electronica legend whose music has received critical acclaim not only in Estonia but the rest of the world. She is a true representation of the raw talent and natural artistic side that many women from this beautiful country harbor.

Carmen Kass

Carmen Kass Estonian Model

Estonia has the largest number of models per capita, but Carmen Kass has managed to stand out and even earn the title of supermodel. Her meteoric rise started when fashion industry legend Anna Wintour handpicked her for a Vogue magazine catalog.

Karmen Pedaru

Karmen Pedaru Estonian supermodel

Karmen Pedaru is another famous Estonian supermodel, having participated in shows for Victoria’s Secret, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, and Givenchy. She also replaced Carmen Kass as the new face of Michael Kors. And you can’t forget the campaign she did for Belstaff with Ewan McGregor!

Jaanika Merilo

Jaanika is one of a kind as far as women all over the globe are concerned. At only 35 years old, she is the advisor to Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine. She also happens to have started an IT company at 21 which is currently a booming success. You can rest assured that she is not the only beauty with brains you have to look forward to when dating Estonian women.

Kaja Kallas

Kaja Kallas

Kaja Kallas is a member of parliament in Estonia. She is a beautiful, articulate, and powerful woman. She is a trained and certified attorney but has chosen to use her intellect and power to serve her people as a legislator. She’s the leader of the Reform Party and a former Member of the European Parliament.

Anu Tali

Anu is another beauty with brains and talent from Estonia. She is a world-renowned orchestral conductor in an industry dominated by men. She helped found what is now known as the Nordic Symphony Orchestra when she was just 25. This company’s international success is only proof of what a strong and passionate Estonian woman is capable of.

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