10 Excuses to Get Out of the House to Meet Your Lover

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I’ll teach you my favorite excuses to get out of the house to cheat. Make sure that you ALWAYS have an alibi to cover your tracks any time you need to sneak out to meet with your lover.

Excuses To Get Out And Cheat

I have cheated on my husband countless times. And do you know how I avoid getting caught when cheating?

I have developed a foolproof method to keep my infidelity a very well-kept secret! Let me explain.

The first step of this method is making sure that you ALWAYS have an alibi to cover your tracks any time you need to sneak out to meet with your lover.

Today, I’ll teach you my favorite excuses to get out of the house to cheat.

1. Run An Errand 

Perhaps the simplest excuse to get out of the house to cheat is to say you need to go run an errand, such as picking up dry cleaning or going to the post office.

The problem with this excuse is you are naturally limited by time. To make it believable, it shouldn’t take you hours to pick up the clothes or mail a letter!

So, unless quickies in a nearby hotel are your thing, pick an errand that should take you longer than half an hour to execute.

A good example is grocery shopping. You could purchase everything online (with your personal credit card, of course), but tell your girlfriend/boyfriend you’re going to the store. You then pick up the groceries after your “date,” and your partner won’t suspect a thing!

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2. Working Late  

One of the most common cheating husband excuses is to say you’re working a few hours late.

This excuse won’t allow you to spend the whole night at your lover’s residence, but it can give you the few extra hours you need to do the dirty deed.

Just make sure you come up with a believable story for why you need to stay at the office a little while longer.

3. Workout At The Gym

Another common cheating excuse is to say you’re working out at the gym.

It is both simple and believable, especially if you schedule a sexual rendezvous for when you would normally be at the gym anyway.

Sex itself can be a workout, so if you show up back home sweaty and tired, your story could be more credible!

4. Catching Up With An Old Friend

Catching up with an old friend is actually among the more popular excuses for women who cheat!

All you have to do is say there’s a female friend you used to know and will grab coffee with to catch up. Just make sure it’s not a male friend, or else your husband or boyfriend will grow really suspicious!

For this excuse to work, have a story ready to go that includes your friend’s name and how you know each other.

This cheating excuse can work with men as well, but again make sure it’s a friend of the same gender you’re ‘having coffee with’ to avoid suspicions.

5. Business Meeting

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Saying you have a business meeting is another excuse that can work, but only if it’s not a spur of the moment thing.

Plan ahead and tell your spouse or partner that you have a meeting at a specific time later in the week to make it more believable.

Business meetings and conferences are actually some of the best places to meet for affairs.

6. Business Trip Out Of Town

Good alibis for cheating include being far away from home.

And one of the most believable excuses to be far away from home is to be on a business trip.

This excuse will easily work if you actually do have a business trip planned and have the opportunity to meet up with your secret romantic partner in the same city.

You can even stay in the same hotel, and your spouse would likely never know. Just make sure your credit card statements don’t show that you paid for meals or events for two people.

Having a business trip affair is actually easier than it looks.

7. Hanging Out With Friends

Telling your spouse or partner that you’re going to go ‘hang out with friends’ is one of the best excuses to get out of the house to cheat.

It should buy you at least a few hours of alone time!

The risk here is your spouse or partner could later talk to one of your friends you said you went out with, only for that friend to not know about the event.

For this reason, stick with friends who are not mutual or involve trustworthy friends in your plans.

8. Boys Or Girls Night Out

If you need an excuse to get out of the house overnight, simply saying that you’re ‘hanging out with friends’ will not be enough.

But saying you’re spending a Friday or Saturday night (or both) out with a close group of your same-gendered friends for a boys or girls night can be a much more convincing excuse.

Just make sure your friends know about your real plans, so they don’t accidentally reveal your secret.

You can also take this excuse a step further with…

9. Sleepover At A Friend’s House

One of the other top excuses to get out of the house overnight is simply to say that you’re spending the night at a friend’s house.

Again, the risk here is your spouse or partner could later talk to your friend, only for your friend to have no knowledge of the ‘sleepover.’ Stick with friends who are not mutual!

10. Blow Off Steam

Finally, if you just had a heated argument with your spouse or partner, it can be very effective to say you need to get out of the house to be alone and clear your head.

This should buy you at least a night or two without raising any suspicions, and there’s also no convoluted story you’ll need to come up with later.

Bottom Line

About a quarter of all men and women have admitted to cheating on their spouses/partners at least once. I know I’ve done it more times than I can count!

So cheating is more common than we think these days. But you need to be smart to avoid getting caught cheating.

I am sure you also have some good alibis for cheating, let me know in the comments!

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Hello, I am Amber! I started cheating on my husband about 3 years ago. Not because I don’t love him anymore, but because he was away a lot and I got very bored. Now that I have a lot of background in the infidelity field, I thought it would be a great idea to share my experiences and tips. I know affairs have a terrible reputation, but in many cases, they can help to save a marriage! So don’t feel guilty, you too have the right to enjoy life and feel happy!