30 Best Places to Meet and Date Girls in Chihuahua, Mexico

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Find your perfect match in Chihuahua! From daytime spots to vibrant nightlife & online dating, get insider tips on the best places to meet and date women in Chihuahua.

Chihuahua Women

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When I traveled to Mexico last year, I had the chance to date a couple of women from Chihuahua. It was a really fun and interesting experience. So today I want to share with you this guide to help you meet and date Chihuahua women!

Throughout this guide, I will be sharing:

  • The best places to meet single women in Chihuahua during the day
  • Where to go to meet Chihuahua girls at night
  • What dating to use in Chihuahua
  • My top tips for picking up a Chihuahua woman

Sounds fun already? Keep reading to learn about dating in Chihuahua.

Date Chihuahua Women During the Day

Approaching women on the street may not seem like a great idea, but there are spots where you might find a date.

Chihuahua is a city with business-minded people. Being one of the largest cities in Mexico, many locals are up and running during the day to make ends meet.  

However, there are relaxation spots like shops, cafes, and malls where single Chihuahua women come to chill during the day. You can enjoy the city’s beef variety with great company and maybe be lucky enough to leave with someone. Also, there are local malls, parks, and tourist attractions where you could meet, interact, and even go on a date with women and possibly make a great connection.

Shopping Malls

You can shop at Chihuahua’s finest malls and meet single Chihuahua women. Some of these malls include:

Parks and Outdoor Areas

There are so many options in Chihuahua. You can try hanging out in parks and approaching beautiful single girls in Chihuahua; some of these parks include:

  • El Acueducto Park
  • Aventura Park
  • Paseos de Stevo Park
  • Trias Park
  • Parque El Relis
  • Extremo Park
  • Lerdo Park
  • Hundido Park
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Landmarks and Tourists Attractions

Chihuahua is a huge tourist attraction with great history that will keep tourists entertained. You can also meet women in these places:

Where to Meet Chihuahua Girls at Night

Date A Girl From Chihuahua

The nightlife is widely spread in Chihuahua, with many clubs and bars to explore. Depending on the type of connection you are searching for, there are places for everything in Chihuahua. If you want to hook up with Chihuahua girls, Avenida Juarez is the best spot.

If you are out in search of one nightstand in your area, Periferico de la Juventud or Avenida Bolivar are great spots for that. However, the nightlife in Chihuahua is not a walking distance, and it is advisable to have a taxi ready to take you around to explore the nightlife to the fullest.

Best Night Clubs for Meeting Girls in Chihuahua

The local nightlife is always exciting for tourists, and the nightlife in Chihuahua is exceedingly fun. These are good spots for tourists to hang out at night:

  • Lenore Social Club (Vista de Sol 6601 int. 15)
  • Janis Chihuahua (Perif de la Juventud)
  • Club Ocho (Perivada Nueva Espana 2104)
  • Eclipse Disco (Oritz Mena, Campestre)
  • Lulu’s Open Night Club (Avenida Univesidad, San Felipe)
  • La Farandula (Americas 506, Las Granjas)

Best Bars for Picking Up Chihuahua Women

Bars are great for meeting local women in Chihuahua. The relaxed and fun environment with a sprinkle of liquor makes people let loose. We have compiled a list of bars where you can meet and pick up Chihuahua women:

  • Angels Bar
  • Sold Out Bar
  • Bar Bandidos
  • Museo Bar Laroca
  • El Tarro Bar
  • Bar Modelo
  • Bar Zeppelin
  • Bar Champs/Amistad

Meet Chihuahua Girls Online

This section of the guide will help you navigate the pros and cons of using dating apps in Chihuahua. As a tourist, you can meet Chihuahua women online before you arrive in the city. Billions of people use dating apps as a means to meet new and potential dates. Therefore, meeting a local using Latino dating apps is relatively easy. Some of the widely used dating apps in Chihuahua include:


This dating site is for dating single Mexicans. The app has millions of users, with over 427,000 visits every month; tourists and locals have the chance to meet and create a connection faster based on interests and preferences.

MexicanCupid is available globally, but many of its users are from five countries. These five countries include; USA, Brazil, Columbia, Spain, and Mexico.


  • The messaging option and other options on the app are free.
  • A stylish and impressive interface that corresponds with contemporary times.
  • The quick and fast registration process.
  • The app is very much compatible with mobile devices.


  • Premium account users will see ads.
  • The quick and easy registration attracts scammers, so you have to be careful.
  • Default accounts users are accessible only to paid members.


AmoLatina is the oldest Latino dating app that has helped many individuals find amazing relationships. With this app, there is a large number and wide range of users.  You can meet beautiful women and make long-term connections. As a tourist in Chihuahua, AmoLatina is a great option to find beautiful locals.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using the AmoLatina app to find Chihuahua women.


  • Registration on the AmoLatina app is free. You can post your photos and even publish your videos without having to pay any subscription fee.
  • Creating your profile on AmoLatina is very easy.
  • AmoLatina has an easy-to-understand interface.
  • You can chat and access the site using your mobile phone. All you have to do is download the app, and you’re good to go.
  • Private pictures can be sent using the AmoLatina app. This makes this an excellent choice if you are looking for one-night stands and hookups.


  • Advanced services are only available to premium users.
  • Client support takes a very long time to be reached.

Chispa App

chispa app in chihuahua

The Chispa App is mainly targeted toward Latino singles. If you are Latino and looking to meet other Latino singles in your area, Chispa App is for you. With an interface that is similar to Tinder and Bumble, this dating app is perfect for large Mexican cities.

Since you are in Chihuahua and you are looking for beautiful Chihuahuan women to hook up with or go on a date, Chispa App is an excellent choice as well.


  • A large number of active users.
  • It can be used on both Android and IOS devices.
  • Provides a place for Latino singles to connect.
  • The premium features of the app are incredibly cheap.


  • The specific niche that the platform provides results in a smaller user base.
  • The Chispa App is more of a quick matching app rather than a compatibility matching app.
  • Bugs and occasional crashes have been reported on the app.

Chihuahua Dating Guide

This guide will provide you with a list of places you can take your date to; whether you are looking for a restaurant or any other cool spots, we’ve got you.

Nice Places Places to Hangout with your Date

  • Arms Square
  • Sierra Tarahumara
  • Coppers Canyon
  • Metropolitano Tres Presas el Rejon Park

Good Restaurants and Bars to take your Date

  • Epoca
  • Resturante le Casona
  • La Propuesta
  • Shots Haus
  • Los Cinco Panes
  • Restaurant Bar La Calesa

Final Tip for Picking up a Chihuahua Woman

Woman From Chihuahua

All the previous information we have given you won’t work without these final tips on how to hook up with Chihuahua women. Mexican women are known to be very beautiful and a bit difficult; therefore, your game has to be on lockdown if you want to hook up successfully with one or more.

Pay Attention to Your Style

Firstly, dressing well is a great way to draw Chihuahua women’s attention to you. Most Chihuahua men ignore this, but as a foreigner, you can stand out with your attire.

Be Respectful

Another way to impress  Chihuahua women and maybe go on a date with one or more of them is to show them respect. This may sound cliche or basic, but showing women respect is one way to get into their good graces. To impress a Chihuahua woman, you have to give her attention, respect her culture, and make her feel comfortable.

Pay for the Date

To attract a Chihuahua woman, you would need to put away your miserly behavior. Although Chihuahua is not an expensive city, you should be open to spending on drinks because Chihuahua women love to drink and have fun.

Be Good Company

Another way to impress Chihuahua women is to choose light-hearted conversations. Topics that you could talk about include – tourist spots, culture, sports, family, and so much more. However, avoid topics leading to conversations about drug dealings and cartels, which could make her feel awkward. 

Enjoy Dating Chihuahua Women

Chihuahua is a great place to visit and have a feel of the culture. With the various historical buildings, museums, and parks to be visited, Chihuahua is the perfect choice to relax and explore with the city and its women. This article has provided you with all the tools and tips you will need to take a trip to Chihuahua and have a great time.

However, if you are looking to meet Chihuahua women, you can sign up on one of the dating apps we mentioned above to get started.

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