How To Have Sex With Married Women

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By Amber

Many men fantasize about seducing and having sex with married women. If you’re one of them, you’ll want to read my tips for getting a married woman to sleep with you.

Fuck Married Woman

Let’s face it,

Many men fantasize about having sex with a married woman.

If you are reading this article, I am guessing you do to!

After all, the world is full of beautiful housewives unsatisfied in their relationships, all looking for someone to bring fun and excitement to their life!

If you’re one of them, you’ll want to read my tips for getting a married woman (cheating wife like me) to sleep with you.

Benefits Of Sleeping With A Married Woman

Ashley Madison

If you’re having doubts, here are some benefits to consider about having sex with married women.

It Can Fill A Lack Of Intimacy

One of the big reasons why married couples lose interest in one another is because of decreased emotional and physical intimacy. This is especially true when they find themselves stuck in the doldrums of everyday life, and sex becomes scheduled.

Having an affair with a cheating wife can help you feel what it’s like to truly be intimate with someone else again.

It Can Boost Your Confidence

Having sex with a cheating wife can also help to boost your confidence.

Trust me,

Sexual inactivity can really lower morale and make life dull because you no longer feel desired.

When you have a relationship with a married woman and feel desired again, you can experience renewed confidence, which will translate to other areas of your life, such as working out more at the gym or accomplishing more at work.

Your spouse or partner may even notice the new vibe coming from you!

You Will Realize Nobody Is Perfect

Another reason couples can lose interest in each other is that they begin to develop minor annoyances and irritations that contrast with their idea of the ‘perfect spouse.’

When you have an sexual intercourse with a married woman, you’ll quickly realize that she’s not perfect either (I don’t pretend to be). This can then help you to appreciate the positives in your own spouse more.

It Can Provide Important Breathing Space

Having a sexual relationship with a married woman can help provide you with valuable breathing space if you are having problems in your marriage. You’ll also have someone else who you can be intimate with and talk to at the same time.

It Can Lead You Back To Your Spouse Or Partner


Having an affair or sex with a married woman could potentially lead you back to your own spouse or partner.


Cheating on your partner is definitely betraying them. But if you begin to feel any guilt out of it, it may make you feel kinder towards your spouse and focus again on her positive sides.

Dating Sites To Find Married Women For Sex

If you’re reading this article, chances are good you have your eye on a married girl you’d love to be with. But if you’d like to get some practice with other cheating housewives first, you may want to check out these websites:

Ashley Madison – Best For Having An Affair

Ashley Madison is an adult dating website that is specifically marketed to people in marriages or relationships looking to engage in infidelity with someone else. There are plenty of cheating wives, myself included!

It has over 25 million members across 30 countries. Anonymity is a priority for the company since the focus is on discreet relationships. Anyone who signs up can hide their account profile for free.

As far as features go, the site offers the ability to participate in live chats for six minutes a month and the ability to send priority mail messages to at least twenty different members a month.

Check out these other married but looking sites.

Adult Friend Finder

Adultfriendfinder is primarily designed to facilitate quick hookups and sexual encounters between members.

With an average of 25 million visits a month (most of which come from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada), Adult Friend Finder offers plenty of opportunities for finding married women in your area to sleep with.

In addition to messaging other users directly, the site also offers an erotic stories and Sex Academy blog section teaching guys how to fuck a married woman, live member webcams, and group or one-on-one video chatrooms.

Xmatch Review has been around since 1996 and remains very popular to this day. The site is known for being very diverse in regards to the sexual preferences of its members. So, if you’re a guy interested in having sex with a married woman, you should have no problem finding at least a few options.

The site has almost 100 million members worldwide, and most members are between the ages of 24-35.

Once you register, you can easily set your preferences and take quizzes to match up with compatible members in your area.

The site also offers live-action webcams and video chatrooms that can have up to five hundred people online at any given time.


As with Ashley Madison, is specifically aimed at those already in a marriage or relationship looking to have an extramarital relationship.

With nearly 50 million members worldwide, Heated Affairs also claims to be the largest cheating and NSA sex website in existence.

Once you sign up, you can take personality tests and send flirts to narrow down your matches. Unlike many other hookup sites, Heated Affairs also offers an app (currently available only for iOS) for convenience.

How To Seduce A Married Woman For Sex

Sleep With Married Woman

First of all,

To seduce a married woman, you need to make yourself look as irresistible as possible. Fully embrace your masculinity from your appearance to your body language to your actions.

Be focused on your goals and making your dent in the universe, and make sure she’s aware of it.

Post interesting photos or videos of yourself on social media (such as yourself traveling in exotic locations or doing something fun in the outdoors) or talk about such things with her to communicate that you live a fun and exciting life.

It can really turn on women to hear about your adventurous stories!

You also need to make it clear to her that you find her attractive.

The trick is,

Since she’s married, you can’t necessarily use the same methods as you would with a single girl (as in you can’t just tell her directly that you find her hot).


Use verbal cues and subtle flirting techniques to communicate your level of interest. You can tell her that you find something about her nice-looking (such as her hair or her makeup), and she’ll likely take it as a refreshing compliment that she’s missed from her younger years.

Should You Tell A Married Woman You Want To Sleep With Her

The trick to telling a married woman you want to sleep with her is not to tell her that you want to sleep with her. Instead, you should focus on building up the sexual tension between the two of you so that things will escalate to sex. 

Work on turning her on through:

  • seductive words and texts,
  • hugging her tightly when saying goodbye,
  • making good eye contact,
  • and flirting with her.

If she becomes sexually excited enough to sleep with you, she may even be the one to initiate getting into the bedroom!

How To Make A Married Woman Want You Sexually

Giving a married woman compliments, making her feel special, and remarking on her beauty are all strategies you can use to seduce her.

Just make sure you don’t overdo it!

Only use compliments as a means to break the ice. It will be easier to become lovers if you are already friends!

You also need to demonstrate that you are fun to spend time with. Assuming that her marriage is monotonous, you can display that either through social media posts or your conversations with her. Just find a way to show that your life is exciting to contrast it with hers.

The idea is to get her at least thinking about spending time with you, even if not sexually (yet).

How To Not Get Caught

Being discreet will need to be a top priority if you want to have sex with a married girl. Convince her that you are trustworthy and make a pact to keep your affair a secret between the two of you.

When you go on dates, pay with cash for everything!!! So your partner won’t catch it on your bank or credit card statement like a rookie.

Choose Your Sex Place Carefully

One of the reasons why having a relationship with a married woman is so exhilarating is because it involves risk.

Neither of you wants to get caught, not only by your spouses or partners but by other people as well.

The best places to meet for affairs with married women will be the places that reduce this risk as much as possible. These are mostly places that your partners, friends, and relatives don’t frequent.

Hotels and motels are probably the most obvious choices because you can be very discreet (just pay for the room in cash so it won’t show up on your bank or card statement).

If you want to meet in public first, it’s perfectly fine to meet in:

  • bars,
  • coffee shops,
  • restaurants,
  • or public parks.

Just make sure your meeting place is in a different city or area that you’d typically visit.

The Disadvantages Of Having An Affair With A Married Woman

The number one downside to committing adultery is the immense guilt and shame that you may feel.

Even though there can be benefits like we discussed earlier, at the end of the day, cheating is cheating my friend.

So many marriages break because of infidelity.

Going in, you need to be aware that this could happen to your marriage (or hers) as well.


Having a sexual relationship with a married woman could have significant consequences on your personal and financial life if others find out. You could lose valuable friendships, your general reputation could take a hit, and you could end up in divorce, along with the major financial repercussions that can come with that.

So be aware that all actions have consequences.

Frequently Asked Question

How To Start An Affair With A Married Woman?

The best way to start an affair with a married woman is to build sexual tension between the two of you. Fully embrace your masculinity, make her feel special, and make it clear to her that you attracted to her.

Where To Meet A Married Woman For Sex?

The best places to meet for affairs are motels and hotels in towns or areas that are not frequented by your partner or any other friends/relatives. The same goes for intimate bars, restaurants, and clubs.

How To Ask A Married Woman To Sleep With You?

You shouldn’t have to directly ask a married woman if she wants to have sex with you. Instead, you should focus on building up tension and hoping that things will escalate into sex. Just remember to respect her wishes too. If she says no, she says no.

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Hello, I am Amber! I started cheating on my husband about 3 years ago. Not because I don’t love him anymore, but because he was away a lot and I got very bored. Now that I have a lot of background in the infidelity field, I thought it would be a great idea to share my experiences and tips. I know affairs have a terrible reputation, but in many cases, they can help to save a marriage! So don’t feel guilty, you too have the right to enjoy life and feel happy!